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Research paper for Mirage 2007 Conference!

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Good news! just got “Accept for Oral Presentation” for the Mirage 2007. Mirage 2007 is an international conference with focus on Computer Vision/Computer Graphics collaboration techniques involving image analysis/synthesis approaches.The conference will be hosted at INRIA Rocquencourt in France

The Abstract of the paper is below:

Human motion analysis has received a great attention from researchers in the last decade due to its potential use in different applications. We propose a new approach to extract human joints (vertex positions) using a model-based method. Motion templates describing the motion of the joints as derived by gait analysis, are parametrized using the elliptic Fourier descriptors. The heel strike data is exploited to reduce the dimensionality of the parametric models. People walk normal to the viewing plane, as major gait information is available in a sagittal view. The ankle, knee and hip joints are successfully extracted with high accuracy for indoor and outdoor data. In this way, we have established a baseline analysis which can be deployed in recognition, marker-less analysis and other areas. The experimental results confirmed the robustness of the proposed method to recognize walking subjects with a correct classification rate of %92. - Imed Bouchrika Website© 2003-2007.