Back to Coding Again

After feeling that coding and writing software is not as profitable as starting a lazy online business like hosting or Advertising company. This feeling is mainly because I was looking  too high and too much ahead ! I was always thinking that to start a software company I should be writing enterprise applications such as systems like Ebay or

I had yesterday some free hours and thought, well, I have learned a few marketing skills why not try to write a simple software and then try to sell! So I did, I wrote a PHP application that automates the process of comment submission to The coding took me 12 hours  because I haven’t coded for about a year! and I forgot all the coding strategies and techniques.

Then, off to sell it! Imagine! I just started with a little marketing campaign of 1 minute or less, I have sold 12 copies within the first hour! and it is  selling like hot cakes! The software is available at :

Hopefully after finishing and submitting my PhD thesis, I will get back to coding software again! as right now I am totally under pressure

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