Digg clone site for Research Papers and Articles

  Thinking to start working on a setting up a web application like digg.com but instead for academic research papers and journals only. The site should function the same way as google scholar but with more rich features like voting, digging, posting questions and comments. The web application should be featured with a nice front page portal showing popular articles, latest papers and may be coming conferences or venues.

The idea looks goods to me and encouraging, but thinking money, time and effort wise. it will not be as profitable that much, plus more efforts and time should sacrificed for mining all the research papers from external sites as well as more work must be done for putting references and citations.

But if any one wants to go for it, there is a software called Pligg which you can hack and customize to your needs. For data  which is the most important, if you are that lazy you can write a search mining bot to crawl through google scholar or ieee explorer to get all of their data, but not sure of the legality issues!

Plus, the promotion of the site to academic people is extremely difficult unless you spend money telling them about the site and convince them to use it. But once it is in, it will keep up growing by itself.

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