Gait Analysis and Recogntion for Surveillance

Surveillance technology is now ubiquitous in modern society. This is due to the increasing number of crimes as well as the vital need to provide a safer environment. Because of the rapid growth of security cameras and incapability of manpower to supervise them, the deployment of biometric technologies becomes important for the development of an automated visual surveillance system. Recently, the use of gait for people identification in surveillance applications has attracted researchers from the arena of computer vision. The suitability of gait recognition for surveillance systems emerges from the fact that gait can be perceived from a distance as well as its non-invasive nature. Interestingly, in one of the high profile murder cases in the UK where a child was abducted and killed, the identity of the murderer could not be revealed directly from the surveillance video footage. The only solution that could be employed to determine the suspect’s identity in this situation was gait recognition, as proposed by researchers from the University of Southampton [Nixon, 2005]. However, gait as a biometric is still in its infancy and most of the gait recognition methods rely on body-related features.

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